Features in the Business Radar software

Business Radar has a rich set of features and functions to simplify hte prioritization work and provide an excellent user experience.

The program works differently for the two main categories of users:

  • Administrator - One or a few team members who adds new users and radars to the team room and who adapts Business Radar so that it is as easy and straight-forward to use as possible for regular users in the team
  • User - Team members who use the radars that the administrator has created in the team room

Here is a list of the most common functions for a regular user:

  • Create new radar echoes
  • Categorize echoes and place them on the radar (span, sector, colour, symbol and size)
  • Update echo details e.g. purpose, description
  • Freely position echoes and echo text on the radar image to create a good visualization (re-categorization is automatic when echoes are moved to a new span or sector)
  • Filter the radar to only show echoes that meet certain criteria for their sector, span, symbol,colour or size. It is also possible to search for and filter on free text.
  • Participate in votings and view voting results
  • Print or create powerpoint presentations of the radar image

The administrator prepares for regular users by:

  • Create radar(s) based on sample radars
  • Create a unique design for your radar, with categories and information that fits your use
  • Give your radar a visually attractive appearance through colour choices, fonts and logo
  • Adapt terminology within Business Radar to one that is used in your organization and is suitable for the specific usage of each radar
  • Configure views that steers the functionality of the program and simplifies for users by hiding information that is not used in each radar
  • Create votings, e.g. about what is most important to include on the team radar
  • Manage your team's users

When the team has updated echo information the administrator can maintain the radar by:

  • Publish a read-only-version of the radar for people who don't use Business Radar
  • Export echo information to Excel and/or import echo information from other sources via Excel
  • Manage votings, show voting results and export to Excel
  • Take backups and restore radars from backup (this feature is in addition to normal system backups and enables handling of radar files outside of the Business Radar program)